Beat the Back to School Anxiety!

Photo by Roman Mager on Unsplash

So school begins again for a lot of children around the world and we would like to help them be prepared and gain confidence in their abilities before school starts! This article is mainly targeted for those that have difficulties with maths, but I’m sure everyone will find it useful to warm up those brains.

Now first of all you will need to slowly change your child’s daily patterns from a summer schedule to that of a school, so that means waking up earlier and getting to bed earlier.

Secondly lets get those brains moving and energised, set your children tasks and goals, if they didn’t have any summer homework to do create your own fun mathematical projects for them.

Here are a few tips on how to get your children to get thinking mathematically:

Now games can be troublesome, but there’s a lot out there that can help your child indirectly learn to think in mathematical terms, such as Blacksmith Lab or more directly with Sudoku. Try testing our very own Calcularis programme for free and truly get them back into the fun of learning maths.

You can also find more fun math games here, but if you would like to get your children off their devices then try playing some good old board games such as Ludo, Uno or the higher level Monopoly.

What about baking a cake and/or even building something like a kite together getting them to engage in the measurements or the ingredients/materials, then you can enjoy the end product together!

Following these simple steps will help ease the stress of starting school again, give them confidence and this will secure them a strong start to their year!

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