Upcoming Dyscalculia & EdTech Conferences of 2018

11th BDA International Conference and EXPO: Evidence to Practice and Back Again

12th to 14th April – Telford, UK.

The 11th British Dyslexia Association’s International Conference (IC) and EXPO is a leading conference on Dyslexia/Specific Learning difficulties across the age ranges, for the latest in research and practice, exciting developments and inspiration.

The BDA have announced Professor Susan Gathercole (Cambridge University) as IC 2018 Chair and the International Conference committee as we build a great event. The conference theme of Evidence to Practice and Back Again will link research through to good practice and this Flagship event will present speakers, experts from across the world and professional practitioners.

New at the BDA conference is a demo zone where you can get even more hands on with practical opportunities. There will be our largest ever EXPO exhibition space featuring useful exciting materials and technologies, utilising the fantastic facilities available at the Telford International Centre.

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Dyscalculia Conferences

Dyscalculia Conferences

The 5th All European Dyslexia Conference is starting this week and guess what – it’s not all about dyslexia. The program features two talks on the learning disability sometimes called “math dyslexia”, or dyscalculia.

Giannis Karagiannakis, from the University of Athens, will be speaking on mathematical learning difficulties, while Karin Kucian of the Center for MR-Research at the University Children’s Hospital Zurich is scheduled to speak on the developmental neuroscience of dyscalculia. (Stay tuned for a guest post from Kucian on the Dyscalculia Blog in the next weeks!) Read more