Numberphile: Dyscalculia Explained

At first glance the Numberphile website seems both charming and a tad overwhelming. The site is dedicated to numbers and explanations of math problems and math research by means of short videos. The videos are linked to via illustrations which are engaging but don’t give a casual visitor many clues as to where they are navigating. It is great for exploring though: click around and see which page you land on and then watch the video to learn something new about math.

Read about dyscalculia on the Numberphile website.
Read about dyscalculia on the Numberphile website.

For our readers interested in math learning disabilities we’re spotlighting the page on dyscalculia. Professor Brian Butterworth, of the University College London, specializes in the neuropsychology of numbers. In the Numberphile video he chats with the interviewer on how dyscalculia manifests itself, the signs of dyscalculia, and current research on the topic. It’s a great introduction to and overview of dyscalculia.

Numberphile hosts videos from researchers based at universities around the world as well as its own “quirky range of films”, as the site describes its offerings. Numberphile is supported by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute. We include the YouTube video on dyscalculia below; visit Numberphile’s channel for more numbers-related videos.

From Professor Brian Butterworth and Numberphile:

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