Dyscalculia Research Presented for Kids

Photo by Vanessa Bucceri on Unsplash

We’ve been happy to publish articles from both educators and researchers on this blog and hope with these to raise awareness of dyscalculia and provide support to teachers and parents. But what about information for kids?

Frontiers for Young Minds is an online collection of science articles aimed at children and one of these articles focuses on dyscalculia and the research around it: When your brain cannot do 2 + 2: a case of developmental dyscalculia.

Photo by Ramin Talebi on Unsplash

All of the article on Frontiers for Young Mind are written by scientists and reviewed by children. The language of the articles is geared to a younger audience but the content is in-depth and informative. When your brain cannot do 2 + 2: a case of developmental dyscalculia presents an overview of both the effects and possible causes of developmental dyscalculia.

Are you familiar with any other online resources on dyscalculia that are aimed at kids? Please leave any tips and links in the comments below! We appreciate it greatly when our readers reach out to share their knowledge.

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