Top 10 Best Back to School Resources for Teachers

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School is here and its not just the students who need to prepare for their return its also the teachers! So Dybuster has compiled a helpful list of the top ten online resources for all you educators out there enabling you and your students to have a great start to the year.

      1. In at number one we have with their free back to school worksheets, full of icebreakers and helpful printouts.


      1. At number two we have the always-popular with some free resources and some you have to pay for, but is always helpful and is worth keeping it bookmarked!


      1. At three we have their resources are also very useful but you will have to register an account with them to gain access to some of their resources.


      1. At four we have, which has wonderful colouring pages and fun back to school tasks, you will have to register a free account to gain access to the printables.


      1. At five we have, which consists of more professional advice and preparations for starting the year and even has ‘Back to School Professional Development Webinars.’


      1. At six there’s, which has its very own ‘Back-to-School Headquarters’ and provides teacher time-savers, behaviour management tips from veteran teachers, advice for communicating with parents, and much more.


      1. At seven we have an American based website, which provides resources, lesson plans, and activities to support you now and throughout the year. Also its good to note that has resources ranging from primary school up until college.


      1. At eight we have, filled to the brim with activities, ideas, lesson plans, and printables for the back to school period and beyond!


      1. At nine is with their ‘7 First Day of School Activities Students Love’ article which is a nice list to get your imagination rolling on how to get to know your new students and of course their website is full of other useful resources!


    1. And at ten, which has a fruitful list of 20 free resources for teachers, with a focus on last minute back to school tips.


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