Financial Management for Seniors with Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia is a specific developmental disorder defined as difficulty acquiring basic arithmetic skills that is not explained by low intelligence or inadequate schooling. Unsurprisingly, many people with this disorder struggle to manage their finances well enough to build wealth. Seniors with dyscalculia face particular challenges. Dyscalculia does not improve without treatment, and seniors were most likely educated without the awareness of development disorders that has begun to penetrate into the school system in the last few decades. Moreover, these days, financial management often requires the use of technology. Seniors are often less familiar with the technological tools needed and dyscalculia makes it difficult to learn. Here are some tips on financial management when living with dyscalculia.

Embrace Technology

Although technology can be difficult for seniors with dyscalculia, learning how to use it is probably one of the best ways to make financial management easier. Educational technology can be used to help train the brains of developmental disorder suffers to become more flexible and create alternative neurological paths, this enables a person to work with their disorder and enhance the processing power of their brain. These days there are many companies and services out there attempting to make technology easier for all seniors regardless of ability so take advantage of them. Once you feel more comfortable with technology, there are many apps that can help you keep track of your spending. Being able to use online banking can be very helpful because it allows you to check your balance at any time, useful for seniors whose mobility issues make it difficult to get to the bank.

Break it down into simple steps

For dyscalculia sufferers, a phrase like ‘financial management,’ with the connotations of multitudes of different financial factors and requisite calculations, can sound overwhelming and terrifying. Breaking it down into small financial steps to build wealth will help make the tasks easier. Sit down with a friend and draw up a list of small financial goals such as checking your bank balance weekly, updating your budget app every day, putting x amount into your savings account. As you tick items off your list your confidence in financial management will grow.

Although seniors with dyscalculia face particular challenges when it comes to taking care of their money and building wealth, good financial management is very possible. The key is to plan ahead and take advantage of all of the resources around you. A good support network too, is key. Good luck in your financial endeavours.

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