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Dyscalculia Resources Around the World

We are an English-language blog but we are aware that we have readers from all over the world. We would like to put together a list of dyscalculia resources to meet other linguistic needs. We’ve found a few resources in various languages but we invite readers to submit their own suggestions in the comments! Together we can collect resources to help readers across the globe.

Please note: the inclusion of a website in the below list does not represent an endorsement but rather a starting point for readers to explore new possible resources.


For a quick overview of the symptoms of dyscalculia in French, visit the Dyscalculie section of the Fédération française des Dys. The page is quite short but a nice feature is optional audio that makes the text more accessible to visitors with dyslexia.

The site DYS Positif gives a more detailed look at dyscalculia under Dyscalculie. You’ll find information not just on symptoms but on treatment and diagnosis options.

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Maths Apps and Aids, Tools and Tutoring

Maths Apps and Aids, Tools and Tutoring

Child using Dybuster Calcularis on iPad with the teacher checking progress remotely

A diagnosis of dyscalculia or other math learning difficulties can feel overwhelming. Parents of a child with recently diagnosed dyscalculia may find themselves asking, “What should I do next? What can I do next?”

Fortunately, both awareness of and support for dyscalculia are increasing. To give you a first look at what resources for dyscalculia are out there, we’ve put together a shortlist of online and offline aids for maths.

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